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Square Dancing is friendship set to music

Square Dancing is friendship set to music

Square Dancing is the official American Folk Dance

Square Dancing is the official American Folk Dance

See you in a square

See you in a square

Benefits of Square Dancing

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Cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance are improved through the continual physical movement of the activity.

Square Dancing is for

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Men and women, kids and teens, singles and couples of all ages participate and in most cases if you can walk you can square dance!

What is square dancing?

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A low impact activity where four couples form a square, hence its name, and dance a pattern of turning and twisting moves, called out by a 'caller'.

Church Mice

The Church Mice Square Dance Club came to being in 1968. We are not a church-affiliated club but derived our name from the fact that a few families started the club dancing in the basement of a local church. The Church Mice are a very active and fun loving group. We have frequently received compliments about our friendliness of which we are very proud. We are a plus level club and host our plus dance on the third Saturday of each month. We have an A-1 Tip & provide a singles rotation board. See our Plus Dance Schedule.

The Church Mice also run a beginners class starting in September each year. It is held on Sunday nights at 6:00-8:00 with an Angel workshop from 8:00 - 9:00 at the Cedar Brook Dance Center.

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